The Black Americans in the United States have faced many unique issues. One of the matters
that have prevailed in many years is that of crime with violence. Essentially, this has not only
been an issue in the United States but has also been a prominent problem in South Africa. On
reflection, criminal violence has been the worst problem that the two countries have faced in the
last two decades.
The number of firearms available in the Black American market was exceedingly high. It is
evident that the rate of acquisition of weapons among the black American community is the
largest factor that causes the huge crime rate. In the early part of the 1980’s, most of the crimes
charged for were related to the use of firearms (Bennett and Fraser 94). Surprisingly, 46% of the
number of murders that were committed during this period were as a result of the use of fire
weapons. Instead of the problem being dealt with, the percentage of these deaths increased up to
seventy one (Bennett and Fraser 95). Considerably, this exceeds the number of homicides that
were reported by whites by 17% (Bennett and Fraser 95). The increase in this number of cases
can be largely attributed to the high increase of weapons available in the black market in most
parts of Southern America. Therefore, it is due to the poor monitoring of the illegal sales of arms
that the number of homicides increased.
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Crime with Violence in USA and SA
The rate of violence in the Black American communities was exceedingly high. When compared
to other countries, the number of violence cases in the United States among the Black Americans
was surprisingly superior. For instance, it exceeded the number of those in both Germany and
France by twenty-eight times (Bennett and Fraser 92). Astonishingly, these crimes were reported
to be committed by members of the population aged between fifteen and twenty four years
(Bennett and Fraser 92). Additionally, in all the arrests made for these crimes, a percentage of
twenty had a participant who was eighteen years and below (Bennett and Fraser 92). These
statistics means that, practically, a fifth of the violent crimes in the United States involved an
underage Black American citizen. In 1995, the count of violence cases in the United States by
Black Americans was ten times more than that in Canada (Bennett and Fraser 92). Clearly, this is
a very huge difference considering that the two countries neighbor one another. That shows that
the number of crimes carried out by the Black American population was tremendous.

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