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Unit 5AA Discussion 1 & 2? $30.00 Due (Monday) 8/06/2018.Unit 5AA Discussion 1Groups for ChildrenReview the group proposal for children who have been abused, described on pages 345–351 of your text. Incorporate concepts from your text and Hiller, Springer, Misurell, Kranzler, and Rizvi’s 2016 research to assess the inclusion of developmental stages and therapeutic factors. Evaluate pregroup screening, composition, and group format. Identify and apply ACA and ASGW ethical principles for clinical practice pertinent to this proposal. What might be signs that this group would be contraindicated for a particular child?Resources· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.· Ethics and Professional Standards.· Predictors of Group Treatment Outcomes for Child Sexual Abuse.· Association for Specialists in Group Work.Unit 5AA Discussion 2Groups for AdolescentsReview group proposals for adolescents, described on pages 355–362 of your text. Discuss the advantages and limitations of working with adolescents in this format. After this, evaluate the organization of each group, specifically the inclusion of selection criteria, ethical standards, group goals, and session activities. How might you modify each group if proposed to a practicum site?Resources· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.· Association for Specialists in Group Work.ReadingsUse your Groups Process and Practice text to read Chapter 10, “Groups in School Settings,” pages 341–382.Use the Capella library to read the following:· Hiller, A., Springer, C., Misurell, J., Kranzler, A., & Rizvi, S. (2016). Predictors of group treatment outcomes for child sexual abuse: An investigation of the role of demographic and abuse characteristics. Child Abuse Review, 25(2), 102–114. 10.1002/car.2343Use the Internet to review the following:· American Counseling Association. (2015). Ethics and professional standards. Retrieved from

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