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2023 7 Trauma Related Articles Needed / Minimum 1 Page Each! Assignment Help

2 research articles are required every week. Research articles must be sent via email to instructor no later than Friday at 6:00 pm.Brief Summary of the class syllabus:PSYC 4606-01 Adverse Childhood Experiences & Historical Trauma. This course is an introduction to the study of adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and its implications for the fields of social work, education, epigenetics, medical/health sciences and psychology. Emphasis is placed on the 10 categories of adverse childhood experiences and how the stress and trauma of adversity can be transferred through generations. This course is an intensive study of the impact that historical, collective and racial trauma have on physical health, psychological and societal outcomes.Basically the instructor wants two articles every week I was not informed however she has allowed me to turn in what I’ve missed I need 7 articles 1 page in length each or more related to or dealing with trauma in children mostly. Below is the Aces Study you can use if need be but mostly you are picking the topic yourself and doing a small little research paper on it be sure to site the website you get your info from.  I need 7 DIFFERENT article research papers. 7 DIFFERENT!

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