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Find 2peer reviewedscholarly articles on brain trauma  (or 1 article and 1 minimum 10 minute video).  The articles must be written after 2015.  The student is to cite each article in APA and write a brief summation of each article.  They are also to write WHY they are interested in the articles they chose. 3-4 pages. Some topics could be Brain Trauma and MMA, Brain Trauma and Roller-skating, Brain Trauma and Boxing, Brain Trauma and Hockey, Brain Trauma and firearms, Brain Trauma treatment in South America etc.You will write this project on the template.  Make sure to sign and date the template on the 1st page. This project will be reviewed with safe assign to ensure that there is no plagiarism.  Please upload this project to the dropbox.  Any projects emailed to me will not be accepted. This project is worth 200 points.Good Luck ,

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