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2023 Article Review on Theory and EThiology of Addictions Assignment Help

Instructions on Article Review on Theory and Etiology of AddictionsFor this article review:  You should look for an article that specifically has discussion about theory and etiology with the addiction – what is it all about and what causes or influences it. The article should also provide some discussion on strategies that can help with prevention, intervention, or treatment (one, two, or all three of these).  In your review, you will have a description of the article and three sections: (Article: “Eating addiction”, rather than “food addiction”, better captures addictive-like eating behavior.) Source: Neuroscience & Behavior Reviews. November 2014 pages 295-306Johannes Hebebranda, Özgür Albayraka, Roger Adanb, Jochen Antel a, Carlos Dieguezc,d,   Must include the following with at least 4 sentences per description below:Description of the specific addiction per the articleDescription of the theory about the specific addiction per the articleDescription of the etiology the specific addiction per the articleDescription of a strategy for prevention, intervention, and/or treatment with the specific addiction.Students must submit a copy of the full article reviewed with their submission.

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