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DUE IN 24 HOURSBiography of Educational PsychologistFor this assignment, you will have to conduct your own research while also using the textbook. You will be creating an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and reference slides, based on one of the following educational psychologists:Erik EricksonJean PiagetLev VygotskyJohn DeweyHoward GardnerB.F. SkinnerIvan PavlovAlbert BanduraJerome BrunerBenjamin BloomMaria MontessoriGeorge CanadyBe creative!  You can use PowerPoint or digital tools such as Prezi, Jing, Voicethread, etc. Make sure to attach the PowerPoint presentation or include the URL in your assignment post. Your presentation must follow APA formatting guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include the following:Cover slide with title, name, course name, and date. (This slide will not count towards the eight- to ten-slide requirement)Describe your selected educational psychologist including a brief biography of where and when he was born, his educational career, and the theory for which he is known.Indicate facts about the learning theory constructed by your educational psychologist.Explain reasons why some oppose or argue against the learning theory.Summarize whether you agree or disagree with the learning theory and explain why.Explain how the learning theory is relevant to you as a future educator. In other words, how does the learning theory “look” in your future classroom? Provide at least two scenarios in the classroom to explain how you would apply the learning theory in your teaching.Your last slide should include an APA formatted list of references used to support your biography. Be sure that these sources are also cited within your presentation. (This slide will not count towards the eight- to ten-slide requirement)Be sure to include images and at least two scholarly sources for your presentationRequired ResourcesRequired TextLeFrançois, G. R. (2018). Psychology for teaching (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://content.ashford.eduChapter 1: Psychology for TeachingChapter 2: Socioemotional and Cognitive DevelopmentArticlesCouncil of Chief State School Officers. (2011, April). Intasc model core teaching standards: A resource for state dialogue. Retrieved from

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