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2023 Assignment: Performance Appraisal Applications and Implementation (5pages) Assignment Help

Organizations that develop, implement, monitor, and update performance appraisal systems need to make sure that the selection process considers all intended and projected uses (Kleiman & Simmering, 2011). These considerations include providing for the validity, reliability, utility, and legality of the process as it is employed in each application. Further, industry type, company size, occupation, and job level are factors that shape appraisal procedures and reporting. It is important for organizations to periodically review their performance measurement systems to ensure appraisals continue to meet acceptable standards and address company requirements.For this Assignment, review the media for this week and consider the following scenario: Greenway Inc. has asked you to review its performance appraisals and uses. Consider the recommendations you might provide to management, and think about suggestions that you might give concerning appropriately handling and using the results of those performance appraisals. Then, consider how you might revise the performance appraisal process for Greenway Inc. to make it more effective and standardized. (link the performance appraisal process and explain how appraisals might be used at Greenway Inc. for the following:Employee developmentPay raises or bonusesPromotionTalent managementExplain how you might revise the performance appraisal process for Greenway Inc. to make it more effective and standardized. Justify your recommendations with the literature. Provide an APA reference list and use appropriate APA citations throughout your assignment.

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