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Each student will develop a 3-4 page, APA formatted research paper that includes at least 5 references. In this paper, students will identify either a specific theoretical orientation or diagnosis and respond to the following prompts.If Select aTheoretical Orientation· Provide a brief overview of the theory – including how issues are managed, treated or cured and cultural considerations (is it more effective with certain diagnosis, populations, etc.);· Describe any specific counseling skills or strategies used by this theoretical orientation;· Discuss how this theory fits with you as a developing therapist (why does it appeal to you?)If Select aPsychological Issue/Diagnosis· Provide an overview of the issue/diagnosis – including how it is managed, treated and cured and cultural considerations for treatment;· Describe any specific counseling skills, strategies or theoretical orientations that are known to effectively treat this diagnosis;· Discuss how would feel providing therapy to someone with this diagnosis and why?The paper will be graded based on overview, specific counseling skills identified and self –reflection.I choose a Psychological Issue/Diagnosis which wasbody dysmorphiaI already did a paper plan for this please check the attachment

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