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2023 Discussion 1: Personality in the Workplace Assignment Help

Each of us is different, with unique personalities and preferences. Workplaces are conglomerations of as many personalities and individual differences as there are employees. Leading disparate groups of individuals, seeking to motivate them despite their differences, or advising others on how to manage sometimes-competing goals, desires, and preferences can be challenging.Within the field of I/O psychology, understanding the intricacies and effects of individual differences and personalities sets our work apart from other disciplinary areas of focus on management and leadership.  It’s from the psychological foundations of our training and focus that our work often differentiates itself.  It’s around these aspects of individual personality and preferences that our first Discussion this week revolves.To prepare for this Discussion:Read Chapter 2 in the course text, Organizational Behavior, Chapter 12 in The Sage Handbook (vol. 1), the journal articles on personality, and the video, “The Power of Introverts.” Reflect on how specific personality traits affect employee behavior. Also, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using personality measures in the workplace.Read the article, “Personality Tests in Employment: A Continuing Legal, Ethical, and Practical Quandary.” Consider the ethical issues related to using personality tests for making decisions about hiring and promoting employees.Important Note: For this discussion, you are required to complete your initial Discussion assignment post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings.By Day 3Post a response to the following:Briefly explain how personality can influence or impact work behavior. Then describe how personality measures can be used in the workplace. Based on this week’s readings, explain one advantage and one disadvantage of using personality measures in the workplace. Be sure to include a discussion about the ethical implications related to using personality measures in the workplace.By Day 5Respond to at least two colleagues. Consider how the points they have made about personality align with your own understanding. Where can you contribute additional ideas or concepts (from the Learning Resources or other scholarly sources)? What evidence can you find to respectfully challenge the perspectives of your peers?Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights that you have gained as a result of your colleagues’ comments.

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