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in the military, many clients will present themselves in need of the multitude of services offered there. In fact, there are significantly more services available in the military than in general practice. Deciding which service will benefit your client is paramount when working in the military setting. Understanding the differences among and unique offerings of the programs will aid in your decision to help your client with the best possible intervention.In this Discussion, you watch a case study and apply a military-based program as an intervention to help understand the differences among options available in generalist practice and military practice.To prepare for this Discussion, watch the video case study and review the programs described in the military publications found in the Learning Resources.By Day 3 (2 to 3 pages) Case Transcript posted in the filesPost a response in which you:Apply a program from the resources this week to the case study.Identify the key points from the program, and explain why you chose that framework for this particular client.

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