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2023 Discussion: Supporting Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, Their Families, and Noncombatants-6411-10 Assignment Help

Resiliency is a major factor in managing the stressors associated with military life, which can include dealing with traumatic reactions and crisis. For this Discussion, select a veteran from the media. Consider ways in which you could help build or enhance resiliency for the veteran and his or her family.Post two ( 2 to 3 pages) ways you could build or support resilience in the veteran you selected. Explain one way you might build or support resilience for his or her family members.Be sure to support your post with specific references to the resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your referencesRequired ReadingsDick, G. (2014). Social work practice with veterans. Washington, D.C.: NASW Press.Chapter 5, “Deployment: When a Parent Goes to War” (pp. 63-82)Chapter 6, “Fatherhood and the Military” (pp. 83-96)Rubin, A., Weiss, E.L., & Coll, J.E. (2013). Handbook of military social work. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.Chapter 19, “Cycle of Deployment and Family Well-Being” (pp. 313-334)Chapter 23, “The Stress Process Model for Supporting Long-Term Family Caregiving” (pp. 409-426)Chapter 18, “A Brief History of U.S. Military Families and the Role of Social Workers” (pp. 301-312)Appendix, “Veteran Organizations and Military Family Resources” (pp. 493-516)Garcia, E., De Pedro, K. T., Astor, R. A., Lester, P., & Benbenishty, R. (2015). FOCUS school-based skill-building groups: training and implementation. Journal of Social Work Education, 51(sup1), S102-S116.Wolf, M. R., Eliseo-Arras, R. K., Brenner, M. B., & Nochajski, T. H. (2017). “This will help your children”: Service providers’ experiences with military families during cycles of deployment. Journal Of Family Social Work, 20(1), 26-40. doi:10.1080/10522158.2016.1259135Cozza, C. S. J., Haskins, R., & Lerner, R. M. (2013). Keeping the Promise: Maintaining the Health of Military and Veteran Families and Children. Future of Children, 1–6.

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