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2023 Discussions regarding Professional Competency Concerning Corporal Punishment Assignment Help

One of the purposes of this week’s readings and information is to assist students in engaging in careful self-reflection about their personal values concerning physical punishment, and if needed, identify potential therapeutic blind spots which may interfere with competent social work practice according to the principles and values provided by the National Association of Social Workers and as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricians for healthy parenting practices.Regardless of your stance on physical punishment, your profession requires you to adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics.The NASW article provides “The practitioner’s role then is to help parents understand the negative consequences of corporal punishment and help parents find new ways of reinforcing positive behaviors in their children.”From the readings for this week, identify three ways that you can respond competently to a client who has requested support for discontinuing physical punishment with their child(ren).  Cite your sources properly.  Discuss two personal challenges of providing this competent practice, and what you could do to increase your competency.

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