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2023 DUE By the 23rd of June!!! I need to literature summaries Assignment Help

Pick two literature topics related to environmental psychology and create two separate summaries. Below is an attachment of an example.To expose students to the professional literature in the field of Environmental Psychology, each student should find two recent articles of interest to them, on any topic within the field, and summarize each one in a short PowerPoint file, preferably with narration to describe and talk about the study.  Links to the two major journals in the field are provided on Blackboard (see below, too), but students might have to go through the University’s Monroe Library to get access to the full text of the articles. In the field of Environmental Psychology, some literature is in architectural magazines or newsletters, so finding literature in peer-reviewed journals is not required, but encouraged. All sources, however, must be properly referenced (cited) using current APA format (6thor 7thedition), both in the text of the reports and in a reference section. If you do not have experience finding and reading the literature in psychological science, then some assistance can be provided – ask me for help if help is needed!  If you have not yet been exposed to APA format for citing sources, ask me about that, too.  Purdue University has an excellentguide, recently updated for the 7thedition of the Publication Manual

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