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2023 Ethics Paper for Group Counseling Course (Psychology major preferred) Assignment Help

Address the hot topic of ethics within groups in an 8–10-page research paper. In addition, you will need to address the ethical issues unique to group therapy and how these issues compare to those from individual counseling. Discuss why a therapist would choose group therapy over individual counseling or vice versa. You must use a minimum of 10 empirical articles to support your readings.  Must be done in APA format and plagiarism free!!References:Forsyth, D. (2010). Group dynamics. Belmont, CA. Wadsworth.Jacobs, E. E., Schimmel, C. J., Masson, R. L., & Harvill, R. L. (2016). Group Counseling: Strategies and skills.In additon to the above references, a list of articles that may be helful and used is attached.Must reflect graduate level work.

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