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Albert Bandura’s theory emphasizes learning through observation and modeling. Discuss developmental challenges that could occur with each of the following situations.    In your answer, first list the letter of the situation that you are addressing, such as “a.” and your answer, “b.” and your answer, and “c.” and your answer. Scholarly sources are textbooks or educational websites or articles. Non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia or a dictionary will not count.                                             a) A kindergarten student whose mother constantly has different men friends over to do drugs and have sex several nights a week.  b) A new college freshman who has never drunk any alcohol and now sees that almost every social event at college which includes kegs of beer and almost everyone participates of these freely. c) A 50 -year old woman constantly sees television ads about coloring hair and her beautician is the only one who knows her hair is gray. She wants to have cosmetic surgery to bring back her youth

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