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The Final Paper provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to doresearchand apply the concepts. This assignment MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. You are required to utilize the Internet and the University Virtual Library to research current literature and information to enhance your analysis for this project.Using the University Virtual Library, find articles from professional journal dated within the past 5 years. A minimum of eight (8)researcharticles are required to complete this assignment.Directions:For the final research paper you will be comparing and contrasting 2 schools of counseling and psychotherapy.For example:Psychoanalytic and Humanistic/ExistentialPsychoanalytic and Cognitive BehavioralPsychoanalytic and Family Systems ApproachCognitive Behavioral and Humanistic/ExistentialCognitive Behavioral and Family SystemsEtc.If you are not sure if you are choosing 2 different schools of counseling, please write your mentor prior to doing the research paper.Your research paper must include:·        –  compare and contrast both theories·         – discuss evidence-based research on applicability of each theory and treatment·         – present research on the pros and cons of each theory to specific populations·        –  integrate research on culture and diversity in regard to the applicability of each theory·         – create an original case example that ties in your research (this should only be ½ to 1 page)Your final paper should be 8-10 pagesplusa title and reference page

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