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For your Final Project, you will write a 5-page paper focusing on a topic that falls within the Science and Spirituality spectrum. In your paper, you will provide an overview of the topic, analyze and compare the central arguments posed by the scientific community and those posed by the religious community, and then evaluate the ways in which those topics are either able to be reconciled or need to remain separate. As a resource for your project you may use contemporary articles in journals (see the Optional Resources on the Resources page) to gain individual insights from contemporary thinkers. Make sure to include a full bibliography in APA format at the end of your paper to cite all of the sources you’ve used.Weekly milestone documents located in the Resources section of each week will help you prepare for the Final Project. These documents do not need to be turned in and will not figure into your grade. They are simply tools that you can use as you work on your project, and are designed to help you:Select an issue that figures into the ongoing discussion between Science and Spirituality (Week 1)Locate several reliable sources that are relevant to the topic you have chosen (Week 2)Review the scientific and spiritual arguments surrounding the topic you have chosen (Week 3)Reflect on the similarities and differences between the arguments, and ask yourself if there is a way in which both could be valid without excluding one or the other (Week 4)Organize your thoughts into a cohesive paper that examines and analyzes the current debate surrounding your topic (Week 5)The assignment:Compose a 5-page paper research paper (not including the Title Page and Reference Page) in which you:Identify a topic relevant to the academic field of science and spirituality.Pose an argument (claim) regarding the topic and support that claim with documented evidence.Provide a brief overview of select arguments of both scientists and spiritual thinkers related to that topic.Analyze the validity of selected arguments and determine whether the arguments could be reconciled.Include a Title Page (including a title expressing the thesis/claim) and References.Cite all sources, in proper APA format, used in your research.

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