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RESPOND TO STUDENTAngelic postCommunication is an important part of conducting a successful business. There are various ways that people use to communicate within the workplace. In my position, as a pharmacy technician (data entry/lead), we use Microsoft Outlook and Skype instant IM messaging as a form of communication to rely important information to our team members as well as to communicate about orders being processed. We stir clear of social media as a whole (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) as this could possibly result in a HIPPA violation. Some advantages of using Skype instant IM messaging over Microsoft Outlook emailing are you have the ability of a video conference call, you can easily know if a colleague is available for instant messaging or a call, it allows you to chat in real time to other people, ensures that only devices that are approved by the organization are connected, and Skype allows employees to communication among themselves no matter where they are or you can limit employees using only corporate devices that meet’s the business security requirements. With both you are able to schedule meetings and video conferences into your normal workday. They both are a secure and reliable form of communication to use within the workplace.Agustin postWorking in the grocery business the past 20 years, texting and emails have been the widely and most popular mediums for sending messages.They allow messages, in great length at times, to be sent to us as well as pictures in case there is a issue. Pictures are also used to show evidence of work not completed. There is greater opportunity for messages to be sent in real time and emotions at the highest, which allows the sender to voice themselves at their current state.These two types of communication also allow the receiver to send back any response as well. It works for both parties in that issues will be resolved and reasons for incomplete work will be noted.Voip would be be used to inform a coworker that a meeting will be canceled.Messaging would most likely used to send short messages.Software applications that would most likely be used by companies would be those that allow for the messages to be able to communicated to the fullest, meaning, if during a face to face meeting, like a zoom meeting, the company is able to show slides of graphs or videos of something in order to reach out to its audience.By knowing the capabilities of a software, companies would choose the one that best can inform the audience.In response to Tania’ posts, choose a Realist work from this week’s module that also depicts Revolution/war (or anything related to it). Compare how the formal qualities in this work convey a different mood/tone than in your peers’ Romantic work. Consider the following questions: Are you able to connect with the figures in one work more than in the other (e.g., through eye contact, proximity to the viewer, etc.)? Do you feel more strongly about one than the other (angry/sad/shocked/hopeful/hopeless)? The idea here is to start a discussion about the various ways that Revolution/war is portrayed in Romantic and Realist art respectively through formal qualities.Tania postThe Romantic artwork I chose for a revolution was Liberty Leading the People. The painting shows a woman holding the French flag after victory and she is also holding a musket. Her surroundings are darker which makes her stand out in the foreground. The rule of thirds can be seen through Liberty being on the top right corner of the painting as well as the French flag in the center. The saturated red, white and blue of the flag draws your eye to the flag because the background is more desaturated. The painting also seems to imply that there are good things ahead for the people of France. The clouds in the background are darker from the smoke from the war but the clouds moving forward are white, also adding contrast. Emotion is portrayed by the expressions on people’s faces as well as the weapons being held up in the background. The viewer is encouraged to feel the triumph depicted in the painting. The people of France fighting in the war are being led to victory and a revolution and are celebrating what is to come in the future if they keep following Liberty.Jeremy postThe Empirical Rule is to forecast final outcomes, it is not an exact and is a rough estimate. The example I will use is from Investopedia, I chose this example because my last job was at a Veterinary Medical Diagnosis Laboratory. At the lab we took in dead animals and performed autopsies to determine a cause of death. My job was to do the intake of the animals and get a history of this animals and sometimes the animals it was living with (if they came from a zoo). All zoo’s go through this process to ensure they are properly caring for their animals. So, the example I saw talked about a lifespan of an animal. It said if the animal of this type lived to be 13.1 on average and the standard deviation was 1.5 years and someone wanted to know the chances that an animal would live past 14.6 years that they would use the empirical rule.So, what they did for this was calculate the chances of the animal living past 14.6 years by looking at the percentages. Once calculating it out you would see the 68% of the life spans lived within just 1 standard deviation (again that is 1.5 years for the standard deviation). That lease 32% unaccounted for with half above 14.6 and have below 11.6 which leaves you with 16% chance that they live above the age of 14.6.Raeden Hosler postInvestment firms use a tool called value-at-risk. This tool is used by investors and commercial banks to assess a company, portfolio, or position potential loss over a specific period (Kenton 2019). This rule is assumed to be normal distribution and is an example of the empirical rule (Hayes 2020). The empirical rule can be used to estimate the outcomes. Sometimes the experiment is difficult if not theoretically impossible to complete to get the data so this is a way to figure it out. Although some of you in the class may end up being an investment banker or stockbroker (even from your couch), that will never be me so using this is not practical. What is practical for me is figuring out how many days I can have tomatoes in stock before they go bad. I am working on starting a food truck and concession business and knowing the average stock time of perishables is a great idea. If I calculate the standard deviation at 1.4 days and the mean is 10 days, the rule states that 68 percent are good between 8.6 and 11.4 days. 32 percent will go bad between as soon as 5.8 and as long as 14.2 days. Rule of thumb is I have 10 days but I need to watch around day 6.For this rule to work it has to be observable data, even if the data maybe virtually impossible to observe. It must be able to be charted on a bell curve and if the data does not fall in to the 68 95 99.7 range of first 3 standard deviations, the data is not part of this rule.

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