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Establishing Rapport and Building Trust in a CommunityBuilding trust takes effort and time. There are specific actions that  are considered trust builders. In contrast, there are also actions that  are considered trust breakers. For this week’s discussion, you will  explore different ways to establish rapport and trust within a  community. You will also assess the role of building trust as it relates  to decision making within a community.Please respond to the following:Explore different ways to establish rapport within a community.In your answer, share two specific ways that rapport can be  established. Justify whether or not you think any of the ways of  developing rapport are more effective than others.Examine the role that building trust plays with regard to establishing rapport within a community.Analyze two different ways to build trust within a community.In your answer, differentiate between active and passive ways of building trust.Assess the role of building trust as it relates to decision making within a community.***FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND ANSWER EACH BULLET POINT******350 MINIMUM NOT INCLUDING RESOURCES PAGE***

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