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2023 Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment-READ ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT FIRST!!! Assignment Help

DO NOT copy and paste,Must be written in your own words!!Will be checked!!Follow the directions exactly!Must have access to Stephen Covey’s Book!Covey, Stephen (2003).  7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Franklin Covey Co. ISBN: 978-0-7432-5097-4Please answer the following questionsandsub-questions with 4-6 complete sentences each.1. Spend some time thinking about the paradigm you have that influences how you see the world.a).Identify and discussseveral (at least 5) of the things that have shaped your paradigm. Be specific. In what ways do you think these experiences shaped your paradigm ( 4-6 sentences for each thing)?Examples: If you were raised in a strict conservative religious home, in what ways  do you view the world. How does having a private education K-12  influence your  paradigm? Being a person of color? One’s socio-economic  status?b). What are some positive things that come from having this paradigm (4-6  sentences min.)?c). What are some of the negative that come having this paradigm (4-6  sentences min.)?2.  Please explain the P/PC Principle and what is needed to create balance. Please explain this ingreat detail. Should have at least 2 paragraphs (1 paragraph = 4-6 sentences) minimum!3. What is interdependence and why is it such a hard concept for most Americans to understand, use, and appreciate? In what ways do you struggle with the idea of interdependence? (If you don’t think you do think about group projects you have worked on ).

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