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Assignment 2: Cultural Sensitivity Paper-International/Global Perspective(Total: 100 Points) – Competency 2: (P.B. 2.1, 2.2. & 2.3); Competency 4 (P.B. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3); Competency 5 (P.B. 5.3) – Due Date: September 14, 2020A major value in social work is the respect and dignity of people of all cultures and races. Social workers understand how diversity and cultural values characterize and shape the human life experiences, and how they may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power. Cultural sensitivity is an important aspect of understanding, accepting, and appreciating differences in all people and aware of personal biases and values when working width diverse groups. Therefore, the challenge starts with the “self.” It is not necessary to know your exact family tree to be able to explore your “ethnicity.” If you know nothing, you can start looking for clues such as your racial makeup, the names in your family (English, German, etc.), or where you and other family members grew up. Then look at some of your customs, what your religion is, and think of some stories you may have heard as a child. Chances are you will be on the trail of discovering who you are. Even if you are not sure about your background, you can most likely identify with one group more than others. There is no minimum length of the paper, but the paper must be properly written and all the following items must be addressed:A. Exploration of your own cultural background:1. What do you believe is your cultural background? With what ethnic group do you most identify? African American     2. Describe anything distinguishing about your culture that sets it apart from others, such as a common religion, a common geographic region, a separate language, etc.?3. For the ethnic group you select, describe their customary behaviors and attitudes regarding each of      the following:  I am African American.a. The role of each family member…. (i.e., how do they relate to each other?  Mother and Father are both at home.  Who makes the decisions? My father makes the decisions Who cooks? My mother and father both cooks.  Who works outside home? both my parents work outside the home.  Who has the most power?). My father has the most power.b. Selection of a life-long partner (For you and/or for your parents when they were growing up.) Is marriage important? marriage is very important as both my parents are religious (missionary baptist) we attended church all of our lives.c. Earning a living what does “success” mean in your culture? success is very important and getting a college degree is very important in our family. Does your family or culture consider some occupations better than others. no, just having a job is good.d. Methods of communications: Is it okay to express affection? yes.  Anger? yes.  Other emotions? yes. Can everyone speak out or must they “hold their tongue? yes.4. What are your earliest memories of meeting people with different ethnic backgrounds? How did your family relate to them? How does it affect you today?B. Interview someone of a different ethnic background. Each student must select anInternational/global ethnic background. Compare your ethnic group to theirs on each ofthe factors give in item 3 above to recognize the extent to which a culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power. Also, respond to the following.1. How do they feel about their ethnic diversity?2. What does the interviewee say are his/her ethnic group’s strengths and weaknesses?3. Complete an ecomap of the person whom you interviewed or you may develop one of your family.C. Try to draw some conclusions:1. Determine which group appears to have had the greatest advantages and which group has had the greatest oppression from society.2. Discuss which group has had their human rights violated. As a social worker how can you advocate for human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice.3. What seem to be the consequences for each group, based on their standing in today’s society?4. How did you feel about this assignment? Was it worthwhile? Whether or not you are a social work major, explain how this assignment, may fit within the realms of the profession.

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