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2023 IOP 460: Organizational Cultures, Discussion Response (2) Assignment Help

Respond to peer/instructorMust be a substantive responsePlease further discussion175 word minimumAPA format1 minimum referenceDr. C. Ellen WashingtonHi Christine,Thank you for taking time to add to the conversation this week on creativity. This is a fun but very important topic. As our world continues to evolve, it will require new ways of doing things and even new things to be considered for survival as well as for companies to sustain and continue to be relative as well as remain competitive. Creativity allows for so many different opportunities to be considered as well as a great experience for brain storming as well as even a time for piloting things to make sure the best next step is taken. Not all creative ideas work and some take time to catch hold. I think back to MySpace, etc. That was years ago and was not nearly as popular as the social media platforms today such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., however, the creation of MySpace and others helped to pave the way for the new social mediums that are used today by almost all businesses as well as individuals. Creative thought requires vision and being able to share and explain that vision to others for support. I appreciate you sharing form the text a good definition of creativity to really sum up what happens when we see new businesses, products, services, etc.Are there companies that you think are industry leading when it comes to creativity? If so, who and what about them makes them creative?

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