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For this assignment, you will write a literature review. Now that you have found resources related to your research question and summarized them in your annotated bibliography, the next step is to look further into how they relate to each other and shed light on your research question.InstructionsComplete the following in your assignment template:IntroductionState your research question( Is socially mediated reinforcement associated with children and PICA), and explain how it relates to your specialization(applied behavior analysis) and professional interests. Use the research question you developed for your annotated bibliography. Be sure to integrate any feedback you received from your instructor.Synthesis of Literature Into a Cohesive ReviewIn the preparation study in Week 5, you identified at least three key themes(attached), or focuses of inquiry, that are relevant to your research question and present in each article. These themes may be based on:Related aspects of research questions.Related or differing conclusions.Other factors or ideas the studies have in common.Other points of contrast between the studies.Use concise formulations of these themes as headings for the next sections of the paper. In these sections, compare and contrast your resources’ positions relative to each theme, and then synthesize your own position relative to the theme. Support your conclusions by citing your references.Granello’s 2001 article, “Promoting Cognitive Complexity in Graduate Written Work: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a Pedagogical Tool to Improve Literature Reviews,” provides a framework and strategies to help you work through this part of your assignment.ConclusionRestate the conclusions you came to regarding the themes you explored with your research. Support your conclusions by citing your references. However, if you find that more research would be needed to decide a question, briefly outline ideas of how you could undertake that research.Additional RequirementsWritten communication:Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: References and citations should be formatted according to currentAPA style and format. Include a title page, abstract, and reference list.Resources:Minimum of three scholarly resources. All references need to be cited in-text, according to current APA standards. Remember that citations are to support your thoughts, not take the place of them!Length:4–5 double-spaced pages, not including the title page or reference page.Font and font size:Times New Roman, 12-point.Template:Use the Literature Review Template to format your assignment.

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