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THERE’S A TOTAL OF THREE ASSIGNMENTSDiscussion Assignment 1:Please answer the following questions with no more than 250 words.:What are some similarities and differences between Evidenced-Based practice and cultural competence? Don’t forget to cite and sourceDiscussion Assignment 2:Please answer the following questions with no more than 250 words, don’t forget to cite and source:How does one balance science, religion, and the wide range of beliefs in the world with one’s own beliefs and practices?How do spirituality and religion impact a person’s belief system? How might these relate to issues of mental health?How do things in the first questions impact you as you study to become a professional counselor? What are your thoughts about non-Western and non-traditional practices for treating mental health issues in diverse clients?Reflection Assignment 3:Please answer the following questions with no more than 2 double spaced, APA format pages not including the reference page, don’t forget to cite and source1.     What are your feelings about the likelihood of your working in the future with a client whose belief system and spiritual practices are foreign to you?  What would your reaction be if a client wanted you to pray with him/her in session?2.     How do you feel about talking with clients about religion, spirituality and non-traditional healing?  How do you think it might impact you if a client wanted to talk about seeking and following the advice of an indigenous healer for a diagnosis of lung cancer, rather than following through with the advice of a reputable  oncologist to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment?

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