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2023 Paper 1–Stability and Changes in Your Personality Submit Assignment – NEED COMPLETED TODAY! Assignment Help

You are to write a 5-7 page paper in APA format in which you discuss both the stability and the changes in your personality throughout your life to date.  Discuss this topic appealing to information from the text.You will need to skim through chapters 8 & 9 to be able to correctly write the paper and apply it to my life. I have given you some pointers below to reference as far as stability in my life and I will post the link and log in info to access my book.Please touch on topics such as me moving out at 16 and being homeless, to living couch to couch, to dropping in and out of college, to having twins at 23, to obtaining my associates degree, going through a divorce and relocating to the point where I am now 30 and are more stable and will be obtaining my bachelors degree in Aug. Talk about how my personality and stability have changed over time with maturity and after having kids. But from 16 to about 23 I was not stable at all and not focused on school.  Touch base on for 9 years from 17 to 26 I waited tables and when I left there to do office administrative work I also had to gain some financial stability because I went from getting cash tips every night to getting paid bi weekly which helped me learn to budget my money. IT HAS TO SOUND AS IF IT IS COMING FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE BUT ALSO TAKE SOME INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK AND APPLY THAT TO THE PAPER AS WELL!!/4/2/2/2/2/4/2/2/[email protected]:0username: [email protected]password: [email protected]

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