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Read the health record to identify the patient’s diagnosis and trace the course of treatment. Download the following heath record to begin this assignment:Patient Medical RecordReport the following information from the health record:Health Record #DiagnosisRelated HistoryPhysical FindingsLab/X-Ray FindingsCourse of Treatment–including medications administeredCondition on DischargeResearch the disease identified to supplement the information documented in the health record. Do not use your text, you must use a valid health resource such as the Merck Manual or the NIH (National Institutes of Health):Pathology of the diseaseSymptoms and signsLaboratory findingsDiagnosisPrognosisTreatment alternativesWrite 2-3 paragraphs comparing what you found in the health record to what you found in the references. You must state whether or not you feel the disease was treated appropriately in the hospital based on what you found in step #2.Include a Reference page in APA format. The patient chart does not need to be included on the reference page. For more information on APA, navigate to the Resources tab in this course.Use proper spelling and grammar..

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