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Assignment ContentReview current events involving 2 different cultures.Select 1 current event that demonstrates poor intercultural communication between 2 cultures.Write a 525- to 700-word paper that illustrates the lack of intercultural communication in the current event you selected by answering:Which cultural patterns, such as theories, identity, and bias, are present in the example you selected? Define them.Which communication devices, such as communication foundations and taxonomies, occurred between the 2 cultures?How does communication play a role in each culture?What communication devices were used by both cultures in this example?How did these communication devices work or not work in the intercultural communication example?Which key intercultural communication theorist would you enlist to help solve this intercultural communication problem? Summarize your selected theorist’s position, and explain how their ideas might apply to the situation.What are 1 or 2 intercultural communication theories or approaches that may resolve the intercultural communication example that you selected?Cite at least 2 external peer-reviewed sources.Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines. It requires a title sheet and references page. Do NOT write this in question/answer format. Citations and references are required in all assignments.Submit your assignment.

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