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Instructions:In each of the following examples, identify the sampling method being used. Also state if the design is qualitative or quantitative. There will be both designs included in these problems. For example, it can be a random sample using a pre-test post test design (quantitative).1. A researcher is interested in political attitudes of individuals within a particular state. She will use open ended questions and talk to focus groups. The researcher uses the following procedure to obtain a sample: (a) they will divide the united states into four quadrants, then (b) select small random focus groups from each state. What type of research is being conducted and explain the sampling technique?2. A researcher wants to determine if reading improved after giving a 4 week course using a text book she just developed. They will give a pretest before the 4 week program and then a posttest after the program. They have population of 100 third grade children from a local school district from which a sample of 25 children is to be selected. Each child’s name is put on a list, and each child is assigned a number from 1 to 100. Then the numbers 1 to 100 are written on separate pieces of paper and shuffled. Finally, the researcher picks 25 slips of paper and the numbers on the paper determine the 25 participants. What type of research is being conducted and explain the sampling technique?3. All students from the XXX University Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Master of Occupational Therapy (OT) programs were asked to participate in a study analyzing the effects of yoga and humor on stress. A survey on stress was initially given along with taking the blood pressure and heart rate. After running on the treadmill, the same variables were remeasured. What type of research is being conducted and explain the sampling technique?4. Five Coordinators of Infection Control (CICs) at various hospitals in XXX were asked to participate in an open-ended interview to assess their knowledge and attitudes regarding disinfection methods utilized in hospitals, with special emphasis on ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection techniques. What type of research is being conducted and explain the sampling technique?

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