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HUMAN SUBJECTS: How has research on human subjects changed?Open and read the Current Code:ATACHED****APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct- PDF (223 KB)At the NU Library, research an academic article (i.e. peer-reviewed) of a scientific experiment with human subjects that would VIOLATE CURRENT APA ETHICAL STANDARDSBriefly summarize your experiment in a post. Include a summary of the study itself (topic, method, results) as well as why you think this study is unethicalNow listen to the following podcast:Trust engineers- MP3 (30.5 MB) discuss whether or not Facebook was conducting unethical research, and how you personally feel as a potential research subjectFinally, be sure to respond to two other’s posts throughout the weekYour post should:Explain why your identified experiment would be considered unethical by today’s standardsProvide APA style reference (Author, Year Published, Title of Article, Journal Name)Use your own words (i.e. no quotes and do not plagiarize) but be sure to cite appropriatelyProvide a 1.5 – 2 page summary of the study, what ethics code violation you believe occurred, as well as any valuable findings from the study, in addition to your response to the Facebook research. This summary should be posted to the discussion board NO LATER than WEDNESDAY OF WEEK 1

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