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Directions: Using MS Word, answer the following questions in a minimum of 500 words total. Your document MUST be in the MS Word format in order for your Instructor to be able to open it.Use Basic APA format: 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font- size 12, Double space entire paper including reference page.Define Intelligence. Describe the influence of nature and nurture on intelligence: what is heritability? What do twin studies tell us about the importance of genetics on intelligence? What about how children who have been adopted and how their intelligence scores relate to their biological parents?What are some environmental influences on intelligence?Discuss gender differences in intelligence: do men or women have higher verbal memory? Nonverbal memory? Emotion-detecting ability? Math aptitude? Spatial ability? What does it mean to say men have greater variability in intelligence?Finally, discuss stereotype threat and how that might affect scores on intelligence tests and in school.

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