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The movies I choose: the Godfather and Forrest GumpSummarize the topic in your own words using information from the material in the course – online, videos, textbook, and even the scientific article you read.Summarize the movies very briefly (no more than about 4 sentences each).Compare the content and ideas in the movies to the content and ideas as psychologists have learned and presented.Compare the two movies or books to explain which one does a better job at presenting the material from a scientifically accurate point of view.3 pages long summary and analysis comparing the movies and each other.APA style.My own complete summary for the two movies.The GodfatherThe godfather gave me a complete outlook on life. The first is to complete self-worth, the second is to have power to take care of family members, and the third is to help kind-hearted people and help the ethnic group to speak. As the age of a person grows, the identity and status of the person will also change with the need, and the responsibility will become larger and larger. This process is also a process of psychological breakthrough to complete self-realization.Forrest GumpForrest Gump’s life is full of optimism and a healthy outlook on life. Everything Gump experienced was so natural, because he dared to accept his defect and knew how to deal with it. When people think that Gump’s running is for some social or political purpose, he tells people “I’m just like running”, so Gump doesn’t care about other people’s views, but tries to achieve what he wants to do.

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