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Let’s pretend that you are teaching a class on “Raising Children.”  What are the top three points you would want you classes to know on this topic.  Within your discussion, use five of the terms listed:—–PLEASE BOLD, UNDERSCORE OR CAPITALIZE YOUR CHOSEN TERMS,esteem, teratogen, babbling, separation anxiety, attachment, secure attachment, insecure avoidant attachment, disorganized attachment, isnecure-resistant/ambivalent attachment, proximal parenting, distal parenting, allocare, impulse control, amygdala, hippocampus, injury control/harm reuction, primary prevention, secondary prevention, tertiary prevention, authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, and permissive parenting,You may use other resources beyond your textbook.  However, be sure to cite your sources. (20 points) (At least 300 words and list your sources.)Present a comparative analysis of Piaget’s and Erikson’s stages of development.  Be very descriptive.  Choose which THEORY of development (of the two)  you prefer and descriptively justify your answer using terminology from those stages. (20 points) (At least 300 words and list your sources.)Present a comparative analysis on operant and classical conditioning.  Give definitions and examples to each theory.  Please be very descriptive. (20 points) (At least 300 words and list your sources.)Present a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development.  I am expecting your opinions and use your own words.  Please elaborate on each Piaget stage.  Also, please be descriptive. (20 points) (At least 300 words and list your sources.)There are 5 characteristics of development listed in your textbook found on page 21.  Select  three of the five and present a detailed comparative analysis.  Remember to give examples and illustrations to indicate you understand the concepts. Remember, be detailed. (20 points) (At least 300 words and list your sources.)

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