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A. Situation Statement1. XYZ Company is a growing producer of office furniture and supplies. The company has over 500 employees and currently services the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.i. XYZ Company works diligently and ethically to offer a range of furniture and products that contribute to reaching a client’s fullest potential, without sacrificing quality,   sustainability, or employee wellbeing.2. Intended Audience- Chrissie3. Despite the XYZ Company’s commitment to employee wellbeing, a recent sexual harassment event within the company’s accounting department has recently been made public. Public relations specialists within the company need to devise an effective approach to remedying the situation while quashing internal concern amongst employees.4. Appropriate and relevant objectives- Chrissie5. Research steps to finalize PR program- VenyonshaeB. Action Plan1. Checklist/Table of Contents- Venyonshae2. Sample research questionnaire- Elexsus3. Press Kit outline- Melanie4. Cover memo describing:ii. Social media strategy- Jasmine5. Special event proposal- Jasmine6. Website proposal or changes to an existing website- ElexsusOutlines all research steps that would be necessary to finalize the detailed publicrelations program necessary to achieve your objectives, please be very very thorough in this research step please

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