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You are taking one of the articles I used for my research proposal and you will be answering ALL THE questions in the attachment below.  Because there is two different papers due on the same day you will be doing Two article. so its Two separate papers but the same question and format for both.ATTACHED BELOW IS MY RESEARCH PAPER, USE MY REFERENCE PAGE TO SEE WHAT ARTICLES I USED BECAUSE YOU MUST USE THOSE ARTICLES.ReferencesAl-Rahmi, W., & Othman, M. (2013). The impact of social media uses on academic performance among university students: A pilot study. Journal of information systems research and innovation, 4(12), 1-10.Alsaif, A. (2016). Investigate The Impact of Social Media on Students (Doctoral dissertation, Cardiff Metropolitan University).El-Badawy, T. A., & Hashem, Y. (2014). The impact of social media on the academic development of school students. International Journal of Business Administration, 6(1), 46.Rithika, M., & Selvaraj, S. (2013). Impact of social media on student’s academic performance. International Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Perspective, 2(4), 636-640.Wang, Q., Chen, W., & Liang, Y. (2011). The effects of social media on college students.Please answer every question in bullet style or number format ! Also follow all instructions by my professor, APA Format is VERY IMPORTANT in this class. Attached below is everything you need to know about the assignment.

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