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2023 Select a mental health condition (ex: bipolar, bulimia, schizophrenia….) Assignment Help

Select a mental health condition (ex: bipolar, bulimia, schizophrenia….) and explain how this condition can affect and or predisposed, influence, or prevent alcohol and drug use and vice versa. Give your personal option about this topic Please use APA and citations. 5 pages long, you can use the following outline as a guide.Research Paper OutlineI. Introduction (2-3 paragraphs)A. Story, quote, questions, something of interestB. Statement of the problem (your `why’ question)C. History of the problemD. ThesisII.  Body Section One (4-6 paragraphs)A. Extent of the problem / How bad is it? 1. What has happened 2. Why should we be concerned?B. Who is affected / how are they affected 1. Examples 2. Stories 3. FactsIII. Body Section Two (3-4 paragraphs)A. Cause/Effect: 1. Because of this problem, this has happened….B. Repercussions of the problem 1. If we don’t solve, this will happen…IV. Body Section Three (1-3 paragraphs)A. Possible solutions 1. What will work 2. What will not work 3. Possible oppositionsV. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)A. Relate back to intro (story/quote/question)B. Restate thesis/clincher

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