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The Alexander Street Videos include many selections that cover specific issues, diagnoses, and treatments. Consider the population that you hope to work with as a counselor, such as at-risk youth, or people with anxiety. Use the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) and the Alexander Street Videos (AVON in the Walden Library) to find out more about these topics and appropriate assessments.To Prepare:The Walden Library has licensed a collection of videos from publisher Alexander Street, which include many relevant to counseling and therapy. To access these videos:Access the Walden Library and select Databases A-Z on the home page.Then select Academic Video Online (AVON)The next screen is the home page for Alexander Street VideosSearch for assessments on topics such as depression, suicide risk, and other topics. Find videos of assessments that correspond to these topics of interest.As you review these videos, and through your search of the MMY, think about the population that you hope to work with as a counselor. Consider which assessments would be appropriate to use with this population.Links:Alexander Street- Measurements Yearbook- Day 3 of Week 9Post your reflection on how and why you chose the three particular assessments.  Also describe:The population you hope to work with as a future counselor (Trauma Victims/Domestic violence victims)Three assessments that you think you will use the most with your populationExplain why you would use these assessmentsReferences are going to be the articles and videos found in the given links above (APA style)

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