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It is evident that the human face of personnel management is quickly changing into a computer screen (Johnson & Gueutal, 2011). Today, a growing number of people seeking employment, employees applying for training, and organizations promoting candidates post resumes, submit applications, and conduct interviews electronically. The use of technology for seeking and managing employment is leading to a fundamental change in how people interact with the human resource function in their organizations and how human resource activities are conducted (Johnson & Gueutal, 2011). How might professionals working in personnel psychology better prepare themselves to engage with technology and ensure that personnel processes remain valid, reliable, cost-effective, and fair?Post an explanation of how contemporary technology (e.g., social networking, credit checks, online applications, and virtual interviews) might influence personnel psychology. In your response, include three potential benefits and three potential misuses of contemporary technology in personnel psychology. Provide concrete examples and citations from the Learning Resources and current literature to support your post.

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