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Please respond to the follwing 3 posts with a reference each- about 4 lines eachPost 1-MariaI believe as a nurse that I do well at assisting patients with maintaining their spirituality, I just really feel that there are times in the ER that it’s difficult with the time sensitivity and emergent nature of the care being provided. My facility does not currently perform any sort of assessment regarding spiritual care when in the ER. I believe that what I can provide is a level of respect for others beliefs, and an understanding that my worldview shouldn’t affect how I provide care for others. I think I’m really good at reading non-verbal clues and assessing which allows me to ask questions and show a general interest in another person’s worldview, and I think approaching it with a desire to learn allows them to open up and help me to better understand. I think a weakness is that sometimes my thoughts play across my face easily and I have to keep that in check, so that if something shocks me or is widely different then I’m used to I don’t react so that the person doesn’t think I’m being critical.I was the patient and was unable to verbalize my wishes for treatment my husband or my brother would be able to make those decisions for me. I feel that these are the two people that know me best and what I would want in regards to treatment, and would have my best interests at heart. Evans (2018) states that appointing a healthcare proxy or a decision maker prior to decline in mental capacity and competence occurs. Having an advanced directive and a medical living will are also important legal documents to have in place prior to a debilitating illness occurring.POst 2- Denis MoorHuman beings are inherently spiritual. Human beings fill their need for finding meaning in life through religion and spirituality. However, in the clinical setting, we often facilitate spiritual care for patients with worldviews different from our own and therefore, we need to have the necessary skills and experiences to provide effective spiritual care (Fitch & Bartlett, 2019). One of my strengths when it comes to facilitating spiritual care for patients with worldviews different from my own is that I am open minded. I have grown up in a highly diverse community and I have interacted with people from different religions and different cultural backgrounds. As a result, I am open to interacting and learning from different religions and cultures. Moreover, another strength is that I am highly religious as well. I identify as a Christian and I utilize Christian values and beliefs to guide my life. As a result of my personal Christian beliefs, I understand the importance of incorporating spiritual beliefs and values into patient care and its impact on improving patient satisfaction and patient outcomes (Fitch & Bartlett, 2019). On the other hand, one of the weaknesses that I face when it comes to facilitating spiritual care for patients with worldviews different from my own is that some patient’s beliefs may conflict with my personal spiritual beliefs and values. For instance, I may be conflicted when providing spiritual care to a religion that believes in self-harm practices such as bodily cuts and piercings or self-flagellation in the Hindu religion (Atashzadeh-Shoorideh, Zakaryaee & Fani, 2018).In the event that I am incapacitated or unable to make decisions on my own health, I would designate my son as my healthcare proxy. I believe that my son understands me well and will therefore make decisions that are in my best interests. Moreover, my son understands my personal worldview philosophy as well as my personal spiritual beliefs and values. Therefore, my son is best equipped to represent my needs, interests and preferences as my healthcare proxy were the need to arise.Post-3- Lyn Wilson3 postsRe: Topic 5 DQ 2On the whole I would say I am a very open and tolerant person; I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and it is not my place to judge them, but one of my big failings is when a person’s beliefs prevents lifesaving care being taken. I have looked after many Jehovah’s Witnesses in my career and it is difficult to watch them die when taking a blood transfusion would help, but as much as I may not understand them I admire their convictions and faith that they are doing what is right and should they die they will be with God. More recently I have cared for a couple of patients who due to this belief have refused Convalescence Plasma infusions even though this has been shown to help with the Covid-19 virus, I have also had to watch a patient die as he and his family refused dialysis because of their beliefs. I have to say the reading for this class has given me a better understanding and an alternative way to look at things. Working in ICU has given me a clear perspective on my wishes should I ever find myself a patient, having seen relatives overturn DNR’s. If there is one thing I could do it would be to encourage everyone to have frank and open discussions with your families so they know what to do should the worst happen. Personally, I want to die naturally, I do not want to exhaustive measures taken to keep me alive, I do not want to be resuscitated, placed on a ventilator or have tubes placed. I have seen too many patients kept alive for weeks, feeling like I am torturing them unnecessarily because families will not let go. I never want to be a burden to my family; I would also want to be remembered for who I am now no as someone wasting away in a hospital bed. I have had discussions about this with my husband he also knows I wish to be an organ donor if possible. I have seen people die waiting for a lifesaving transplant, if my death could help someone, I would want it to. I have asked my husband his wishes so that I also know what to do in the event I need to make what would be an incredibly difficult painful decision.

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