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MotivationEverything you have learned in this course about development, how learning takes place, and the influences of culture and community on learning can provide important insights about a child’s motivation to learn.For the purposes of this Discussion, imagine that you are a teacher. As you review the Learning Resources in preparation for this Discussion, think of the diversity of children with whom you are working, the various factors that influence a child’s motivation to learn, and the ways teachers might enhance motivation in children with diverse needs. With these thoughts in mind:By Day 3:Post your response to the following questions:• How can you foster children’s intrinsic motivation? How and to what extent should you provide extrinsic motivation for the children with whom you work?• How might you go about working with an unmotivated child?• How might the different approaches to motivation (behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, sociocultural) guide your strategies and interactions?• How can you promote positive beliefs and self-schemas?

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