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Could you write a paper on  the function of emotions in psychology.Could you write a term paper: (Literature Review), original theoretical paper addressing the Functions of Emotions. The term paper is to be 6 pages in length (minimum, NOT including title page, abstract, or references, with all text double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font maximum with 1″ margins).  It must have a minimum of 5 references for this paper and references must be scholarly references. This paper is to be written in American Psychological Association 6th Edition Format, and is to include:a) A title page with name, affiliation and running head;b) An abstract in which you summarize the entire paper in one to two paragraphs;c) An introductory paragraph in which you will introduce the topic of interest at the macrolevel;d) Seven to ten well-developed paragraphs in which you present the body of your paper;e) One to three summary paragraphs where you summarize the findings of your paper;f) One to three “practical implications” paragraphs in which you describe the importanceof this research for the field of psychology as well as for the improvement of humans ingeneral;g) One or more “directions for future research” paragraphs, andh) A reference page in APA format in which you include ALL of the articles that you’veused in your paper.

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