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Witness Report InstructionsFor this assignment, you will write a 300–900-word report of a witnessing encounter.  This assignment requires that you witness to someone who either does not profess to be a believer or to someone who does, but has no real understanding what that means. Do not report on an encounter when you encouraged someone who understands the gospel and professes to be a believer, but has drifted or is discouraged. This report must contain 3 parts; each part must be broken down with a bold heading.Briefly describe the person(s) with whom you shared.Briefly describe what was shared and how the gospel was shared.A clear explanation of the gospel must be given in this section. In other words, does your report indicate that you articulated how a person can be born again (aka “saved”) at some point in the conversation, even if it was included in a personal testimony and not directed at the person being witness to?Briefly describe the response of the person(s) with whom you shared.This assignment requires you to engage in a clear gospel conversation during this course. Students often struggle with this assignment; however, these conversations do not have to be strained or awkward.Here are some witnessing tips on looking for opportunities:1. Pray for gospel opportunities in everyday conversations. Pray that God would give you the opportunity, help you see the opportunity, and give you the courage to act upon the opportunity.2. Consider writing a letter or email to a friend which clearly articulates the gospel.3. Consider walking up to a stranger in a public environment such as the mall or in your neighborhood. Tell them that you have a class assignment where you are required to share your faith with someone who does not hold to your faith. Tell them you are a follower of Jesus and see if they would be willing for you to share with them and then hear what they believe.4. Consider approaching a co-worker who obviously does not follow Jesus. Tell them that you have a class assignment where you are required to share your faith with someone. Ask them if they would be willing for you to share with them, then if they would be willing to share with you what they believe, and then allow for some interaction.5. Post something in an online forum that allows for public interaction and see what happens.6. Consider approaching that family member, friend, or neighbor the Lord has been placing on your heart for a long time because they have not trusted in Jesus.Be creative; witnessing does not have to be difficult.A foundational call of the believer is to make disciples, which involves sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. This good news is that although we were helplessly lost in sin, God in his mercy sent his Son to live and fulfill the law on our behalf, die as a sacrifice atoning for our sins, and rise again conquering death and hell. Now, for all who place their faith in Jesus, accepting Him as the one who lived, died, and rose in their place, we are restored to a right relationship with God as his child and have the promise of eternal life with Him.

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