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Must be a substantive response. Please further the conversation.APA format175 word minimumAt least 1 referenceRespond to the following:Rita Olivares12:33 AMHello Class,The Baldrige Award and the Fortune Best Place to work award are very different from each other. The Fortune Best Place to Work Award is focused on the employee’s experience. To apply for the award the employees are surveyed. There is also a work culture audit on trust, maximizing human potential, leadership, effectiveness, innovation and values (Hastwell, 2020). The Fortune Best Place to work award would stand out to a prospective employee because the award is partly based on the employee surveys. The focus is on which companies have the best workplace. The Baldrige award is a better predictor of organizational success. The Baldrige Award focuses on strategy driven performance, workforce engagement and long term organizational stability (Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, 2019). Some of company that received the Baldrige Award and continue to have sustained organizational success are Memorial Hospital Healthcare Center, Tri County Tech, and Adventists Health Castle. I would like to work for Cisco a Fortune Best Place to Work winner because 98% of employees say its a great place to work and that they are able to take time off when they feel it is necessary.ReferencesBaldrige Performance Excellence Program(2019)., C. (2020). How to Get on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For List.

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