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Substantive response. Please further conversation.APA format175 wordsAt least 2 referencePlease respond to the following:Jessica Guidry5:42 AMThere is difference leadership competencies amongst United States leadership and global leadership. United States leadership in divided into three main areas. They include; leading the organization, leading the self and leading others. From the above category leading organization it involves the following characteristics managing the changes which it towards the country or organization. Solving the problem and coming up with a decision is vital especially when comes to the crisis (Battilana et al., 2010). Setting the vision and coming up with strategies makes the work manageable. Leading self on other hand, it involves the following characteristics; demonstrating ethic and integrity, exhibiting leadership stature, increasing yourself awareness, developing adaptability and lastly displaying the drive and purpose. When comes leading other they concentrate on communicating effective, valuing diversity and difference and managing effective team and work groups.The above leadership is different from the global leadership in that global leadership focus on the following characteristics; cultural interest and sensitivity, honesty and integrity, value-added technician, resilient, optimistic and open-minded and flexibility in the thoughts and tactics (Jokinen, 2005). Therefore the global can be able to accommodate the above characteristics by implementing them in their leadership structure.ReferencesJokinen, T. (2005). Global leadership competencies: a review and discussion. Journal of European industrial training, 29(3), 199-216.Battilana, J., Gilmartin, M., Sengul, M., Pache, A. C., & Alexander, J. A. (2010). Leadership competencies for implementing planned organizational change. The leadership quarterly, 21(3), 422-438.

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