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2023 Wk 5, HCS 335: Public Health and Social Responsibility Assignment Help

Assignment ContentPublic health issues can change over time. As a health care manager, it is important to understand and take action to address current public health issues. This assignment gives you the opportunity to research current public health topics and recommend socially responsible action.Select a current public health topic: Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)Discuss your selected public health topic and the social responsibility of managers and organizations.Recommend 5 strategies managers and organizations could use to be more socially responsible in trying to correct the legal and ethical issues related to the topic (100+ words for each strategy).Provide a brief description of each strategy (less than 25 words).Select 1 of the strategies discussed, and explain why it is the best strategy to use for the public health topic selected (100+ words).Include and identify the introduction, subtitles, and conclusionCite 2 referencesFormat  APA style

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