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Substantive response. Please further discussion.175 word minimumAPA formatAt least 2 referencesRespond to the following:Jessica Guidry6:57 AMTo answer the question in this week’s discussion topic, “Are some organizations more accepting of organizational change than others”? The answer is “Yes”. The subject of organizational change originates at the top level of leadership. If an organizations leader views change as a threat, the employees pick up on this behavior and react as so, thus creating resistance. The resistance stems from people having a fear of loosing their jobs or the inability to adapt to the new ways that are to come. As indicated by Dunican (2015), employees might be skeptical of change due to the unfamiliarity change may require. However, if all employees from the top down embrace change, there can be many benefits of doing so. For example, Netflix entered the media space by offering movie rentals via mail for a small monthly subscription. Though, this approach disrupted the video rental industry and forced the video rental giant Blockbuster to shut its doors, the leaders of Netflix knew video rental was going to end. Therefore, to continuously disrupt the industry and meet the needs of customers, Netflix changed its organizational approach to media rentals and created digital streaming. At the time, Netflix took big losses and employees were skeptical, since this new method of entertainment was unheard of. However, Netflix’s leadership was positive in their approach to change the world. Fast forward to today and this has proven to be so. With the leadership believing in change and their approach to not only organizational change, but change in the deliverance of media has shaped how the world receives video content.ReferencesDunican, B. (2015). Acceptance of change: Exploring the relationship among psychometric constructsand employee resistance. Western Kentucky University.

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