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2023 WORKSHOP PRESENTATION PROPOSAL (PowerPoint) Assignment Help

This project provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge about group work techniques and activities with client groups that are of particular interest to a specific population/group. In addition to developing leadership skills, students will have the opportunity to practice a frequently used community organization skill, staff training and development. In addition, the delivery of a workshop quality presentation is a professional skill that can be included in students’ resumes.For this assignment you will select a target audience to educate on a specific group technique, group strategy, or group activity that you would like to use with a specific population.  The presentation is developed to train staff at a specific agency on the technique or strategy that you are proposing to use.  For example:  If I want to train Social work staff on how to use “Round robin” with a treatment group for teen victims of sexual assault.  I would put together a PowerPoint that describes the treatment group, age and sex of the group participants, number of participants, and describe the “round robin” strategy that you will use for the group and how it may benefit that group.  Use information from the text and/or from peer reviewed articles about the effectiveness of this strategy with this population.Should include the following:I. PowerPoint presentationII. Paragraph DescriptionIII. Reference PageEach student will develop a workshop-quality Power Point presentation (8-10 slides) that could be presented at his or her field placement or work place setting. The primary objective of the presentation is to provide practical information about group techniques, strategies, and activities appropriate to the particular client population of interest or topic. Students will use the elements below as headings. Information (content) can be presented in bullet point format but must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. All materials must be referenced and be provided on the reference page. Information may be used from reputable/research-supported web-pages and must be referenced. Additionally, students are to prepare one paragraph stating the description of the selected audience. You must have a reference page.Part I.PowerPoint presentation Slide(s): Purpose or function of the presentation (eg: in-service, educational meeting, community education). Title of the Presentation – make sure it accurately reflects the content being presented. Slide(s): How will this presentation impact the clients we serve? What are you trying to accomplish? Slide(s): Goals or Objectives for the participants attending presentation. You will need to develop 3-4 objectives. Slides(s): Demonstrate knowledge of selected topic presented (This is the actual information that will be presented and supported by references). Content you will present with appropriate reference. Slide(s): Examples of at least one activity to engage and interact with the audience (eg: icebreakers, experiential activity)Part II.Paragraph Information: Description of selected audience/group (eg: SW staff, 14 y/o girls in school setting) How will the organization and format chosen impact the audience? How does the setting of the presentation impact organization?Part III.Reference Page Make sure it is in APA format.

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