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I need a Christian Worldview Essay completed in APA format (5 pages).The Essay should include the following  and information on the attachment see attachment please:Cite the following in the Essay:COMPARE/CONTRAST PERSONAL WORLDVIEW WITH BIBLICAL WORLDVIEWEVALUATE IMPLICATIONS OF PERSONAL WV FOR CAREERS AND RELATIONSHIPSInclude the following in your wolrdview:1. What is ultimate reality?2. What is the nature of the world? Is it orderly or chaotic, intelligible or absurd, good or evil (or something else), eternal or finite?3. What is the nature of human beings? Are we good or evil or amoral?4. What is the source of the problem or problems we face?5. What is the solution to the problem problems we face?Reference the following in your view:“What is the ultimate reality?” which leads to a discussion of “The Nature of God”2. “Is the world temporary or eternal, good or evil?” which leads to a discussion of “The Nature of the world”3. “Is there a soul in humanity? Are people naturally good or evil?” These questions lead to an examination of “The Nature of Humanity”4. “Why is life so hard? Is there right and wrong?” These questions will help focus on “The Problem of Life”5. “Can we find peace in life?” which leads to a discussion of “The Biblical Solution.”Please submit a rough draft to me before finalizing.  If the Essay does not include everything it will not be accepted.

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