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-Your reports must be typed in word format.-You will need to upload your report to the Gordon Rule drop-box.-Points will be deducted for not following the guidelines and flow as outlined below.-Points will be deducted for late reports, see calendar for due-dates.Part I (20 points)Choose a topic from any psychological disorder you are interested in or familiar with.  Some common disorders are found in Chapter 15 of the OpenStax text, but you are not limited to those listed in the textbook.  You may find this material helpful in selecting a topic:Psychological Disorders (Links to an external site.) Define and fully describe the disorder you have selected.- This section should be at least one paragraph.Part II (20 points)- Explainin detailhow you selected this topic.  Explain why you are intrigued with this topic and what questions you may have.- Give a personal example of how this disorder has impacted you or someone you know (no need to use real names).- This section should be at least two paragraphs of several sentences each.Part III (20 points)- Research and summarize an article/writing that discusses your selected topic (a specific psychological disorder).- The article/writing must be properly documented with an in-text citation.   A complete reference for the article should be on the Reference page at the end of the paper.  Use updated, scholarly sources, not Wikipedia or google.  Library databases and Google Scholar are good sources.- This section should be at least one full paragraph of several sentencesPart IV: Personal Reflections (20 points)Comments need to address your overall feelings concerning this assignment: positive or negative. Students must also showprofound thoughtsrelating to a new awareness of the topic and how it relates to self.  This should be at least one full paragraph of several sentences.use paragraph form, double-spacing, complete sentences, and correct capitalization and spelling. Indent paragraphs.  Minimum Word count is 1000. Paper must be submitted as a Word document, not a PDF or other file. The paper must have a cover page, Parts 1-4, and a Reference page

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