Law students always stand out with their open outlook, challenging viewpoints and general intelligence. The written works they have to submit are also very thought provoking.

Law essay is not about bringing together all the necessary information and presenting it in the body of your essay . It is not a collection of dry juridical facts. Not at all. Law essays are combination of juridical information and student’s own point of view (of course well grounded).  

  You should choose a topic of current importance for your essay to gain the reader’s interest. Take pains to structure your essay following all the instructions. Besides, you should reflect most important events of political and social life in your law essay.  

For example, if you have a topic on Criminal law, connected with terrorism, then you are sure to write about the imminent threat of terrorism to our society. You can write about the innocent children as victims of terror acts and express your opinion on penalties for it. As a future lawyer you should be greatly interested in the topic you discuss in your essay.

Mind that the professor grading your essay wants to know your personal attitude to the discussed point. If you are able to include your own comments on it and back it up with reasonable evidence, then your essay acquires vigor and interest for the reader. It is no more a cited textbook. The law knowledge is the backbone of your essay; you are just to add your personal opinion to enrich the general contents of your essay.

Your law essay should reflect your erudition, intelligence, creative and research work and your passion for the subject.

A five – paragraph essay is a cornerstone of your future academic success. All your further writing assignments (term paper, research papers, and different types of essays) make a start from this elementary type of essay.

The five paragraph essay has a strict layout.

1st paragraph – Introduction: Thesis + 3 Subtopics.

2nd 3rd 4th – Body of the essay – each paragraph has: Topic sentence, supporting evidence, transition sentences.

5th paragraph – Conclusion: A Synthesis of the main points.

The opening section of your essay acquaints the reader with the thesis and introduces three subtopics.

  • Introduction is your chance to seize the reader’s interest, make it with the first capturing sentence. Then you present the three subtopics of your essay which you are going to develop in the body. The last sentence in the intro is usually the thesis statement.
  • Thesis is something like a preface to the book. It should inform us what the essay is devoted to. In fact, it comprises the main idea of your writing. Your thesis should also contain your opinion on the topic and it also zeros in the general topic to a more specific.
  • Introduction should encourage your audience to go on reading, so make it outstanding.

Three supporting body paragraphs have the same structure. They start with a topic sentence, which is a paraphrase of the three supporting ideas introduced in the intro. You will provide evidence and examples to support the subtopics in your body paragraphs. They reinforce in the reader’s mind the pertinence and connection of each subtopic to the thesis.

Every paragraph ends with a transition sentence; it provides a logical link between the paragraphs. Moreover, transitions create a natural and cohesive structure of the essay. They make it easy for the reader to read and assimilate the information.

The fifth paragraph of your essay is devoted to stressing the main points of your essay. Leave the reader with an impressive conclusion written in a clear style.

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