What is the best idea how to learn? In fact, students learn much better from real life lessons rather than basic principles of the theory. Do you agree with this? As a student, you know yourself well.

Case studies are often used by professionals in various areas to gain a better understanding of different situations they may encounter. For example, call center agents are given case studies regarding possible scenarios they may come across during the conversation with clients. This will give them the full understanding about what they should do if they experience the same situations.

Since case studies are being used by almost everyone, there is no reason why students should not benefit from them. Let’s look at these benefits from writing a leadership case study.

Benefits of Leadership Case Studies

Through case studies students have the ability to answer open-ended questions, especially when the scenarios given to them do not have resolutions. They can also develop their own solutions to the problems that they can also apply to their everyday life.

Today leadership skills are essential in life more than ever before. Does the word ‘leadership’ have any associations for you? A political leader? A chief executive officer? A mentor? A leadership case study is aimed at the description of a particular situation and the steps that bring to the end results.

If you are given the assignment to write case studies, expect the following 5 benefits:

  1. The understanding about leadership qualities necessary for a powerful leader. According to the Harvard Business Review of the most important leadership competencies, high ethical and moral standards are occupied the top position (67% world leaders support this idea).
  2. The improvement of decision-making skills. Case studies usually have dilemmas and they may not always have solutions. You are given an option to create your own solution of the problem concerning a leadership. If it happens in real life, you may know what to do.
  3. The development of the ability to cope better with this ambiguous life. You cannot always be sure about what life holds. By doing case studies, you will realize that to go through uncertainties of life, you need to learn how to cope. Doing case studies can be a good practice for you.
  4. The exploration of the ways how to go through complex situations with ease. Some situations would require only a little bit of effort before they can be solved but others would require a lot of thinking. With the help of a case study you are able to weigh up a particular situation by considering what can go right or wrong.
  5. The increase of interests in the leadership development. Studying a real example of a leader, you become more interested in his leadership development. You start looking at yourself differently by analyzing your behavior.

Writing Leadership Case Studies

What if you would be assigned to write leadership case studies? You surely get the same benefits mentioned above. It seems that you may even learn more in the process. The clearer you will present a case study, the better you understand various ideas and methods you need to apply in any specific situation.

It might seem you have a lot of work in the beginning but the more that you put yourself into it, the more you will like it. You may discover your love for a simple scenario-type case or a complex one from which you can learn a lot.

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